Lake Rules

  1. Follow size and possession limit as posted.
  2. No gas motors on the lake. Ohio boating regulations apply to all boats and boaters on all lakes and ponds owned by the club and MUST be followed by all members and their guests at all times.
  3. No littering on waters or land owned by the club
  4. Do not drop trees or sink brush in the lake or ponds without the approval of the Lake Committee Chairman.
  5. The lake may be closed to fishing by the lake committee for up to thirty (30) days, after stocking to allow fish to acclimate and disburse.
  6. No swimming at any time by any member or their family or guests.
  7. One (1) guest per member — one (1) card limit on fish. No guests for six weeks after stocking.
  8. No alcohol shall be possessed or consumed by any member or their families or guests while afloat on any water of this club.

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